ReactJS and it’s advantages!


ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library which is developed by Facebook. At present, React is being maintained by Facebook and Instagram along with an open source community. The features provided by ReactJS enable developers to create interactive and compelling user interfaces (UIs) for varied websites and web applications. The lightweight JavaScript library accelerates UI development by enabling developers to build reusable UI components. At the same time, the developers can also use ReactJS to handle the view layer of various web applications and mobile apps.

Why you should use ReactJS

ReactJS is simple and easy to learn. It is straightforward and sophisticated as compared to any other JavaScript frameworks and is neither difficult to understand and use. You can use plain JavaScript to create a web application and then handle it using this. You can mix HTML with it via some of its syntax.

The purpose of using ReactJS is to create user interfaces for web application with much ease and sophistication. It is the best framework when compared with others. It allows the user to perform the task with JSX rather than pure JavaScript, but you can use it too in case. There is native libraries developed by Facebook, and it gives reach architecture to android and IOS.

Advantages of ReactJS

  • ReactJS further features a virtual document object model (DOM) that makes it different from other front-end web frameworks. It uses virtual DOM to create an in-memory data structure. The in-memory data structure keeps track of the changes and updates the web browser’s display DOM accordingly. The virtual DOM further enables programmers to keep writing code as the modified subcomponents are rendered by React libraries.
  • You may be impressed but JavaScript frameworks do not act friendly with search engines, even despite numerous improvements in this area. However, it doesn’t refer to ReactJS, here you don’t have to face any difficulties at all. ReactJS will run on the server while DOM will be rendered to the particular browser, as a common webpage.
  • ReactJS is designed as a simple and lightweight JavaScript library. It lacks some of the robust features provided by other JavaScript web frameworks. For instance, React does not come with any built-in features to facilitate dependency injection. The developers have to use third-party modules or libraries to inject dependencies. The lack of additional features makes React lighter and faster than other frontend web frameworks. Facebook has further included several features in React to make it outperform other JavaScript frameworks.
  • Despite being an open source JavaScript library, ReactJS is being supported by large tech enterprises like Facebook and Instagram. Hence, it has been evolving consistently to help developers to build better and modern UIs. The information posted on a number of websites indicates that the ReactJS team is currently working on introducing new render types, enhancing server-side rendering, and improving error handling.


React JS is flexible and provides hooks that allow you to interface with other libraries and framework. It uses markdown libraries to do so. The declarative aspects make it more comfortable to debug as well. Overall react is the best framework for creating the user interface in a web application. When a website is complex to code and can’t define the understanding of a user, then one can go for React JS.

React JS is a better framework platform indeed to create a user interface for iOS, Android type web application. It is user-friendly, convenient, and efficient and why not it should be preferred over any other framework. It is applied in Facebook and Instagram. So if you are thinking of creating or modifying data on the web page then you must learn and use React JS.

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